This report provides an assessment of the structural adequacy of the existing roof structure at 40-46 West Thebarton Road, Thebarton SA 5031, to support the installation of photovoltaic (PV) panels.

The assessment focuses on the capacity of the purlins and the recommended fixings for securing the PV panels in accordance with industry standards.

Scope of Assessment

The assessment covers the structural integrity assessment of the roof structure, the fixings used to attach the array frame to the structure, and the array frame itself.


Project Description

The client proposed to install solar panels on the large roof of their building in Thebarton SA. The project was initiated to utilise power from the renewable energy sources.


Adelaide Structural Engineers conducted a detailed structural engineering analysis and design check of the structural elements for the proposed installation confirming the structural adequacy of the building considering the loads from the solar panel and wind loads on the roof.

I had a bit of a false start with a previous engineer, who wasn't really meeting our requirements to get things underway. Raj came to the rescue to some degree, because we were anxious to get things started. He was fantastic, jumped on it straight away, and has been very proactive problem solving many issues we encountered with this build.
David Thompson
ASE helped us on various projects from large scale solar projects to transportable buildings, detailed design services... We get support from Raj's, and quick turnaround times and they're willing to walk the extra mile with us.
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When I contacted Raj he was very attentive, and responsive. There was a few tricky components to [this project] and he was great at listening and brought forth some ideas. It was a no-brainer.
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